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We specialize in customized development of unique projects.  We have the ability to take your ideas and turn them into reality.  Take a look at these projects and give us a chance to design and manufacture your solution.

Temperature Controller

This project took advantage of a PLC and Touch screen to take temperature measurements of a high voltage transformer.  The unit automatically turns on fans when the temperature reaches a set point.  If the fan does not dissipate enough heat then an alarm is triggered.  This application is fairly simple but could be made much more powerful with ease as well as be adapted for many different applications.

Specialty Projects

Oil Distribution System

When Mobis of Alabama (Hyundai Motors) contacted us about an Oil Distribution System for the new 2007 line of Santa Fe SUV we were there to answer the call.  The System is designed to dispense a given amount of oil into rear-end differential units as they pass by on the assembly line.  Each unit has a barcode which is scanned before each dispensing cycle.  On completion all relevant data to that unit is stored in an excel spreadsheet for quality control purposes.

 The machine was designed to be fail safe as an interruption in oil could bring the entire assembly process to a halt.  The unit included everything from dual computer power supplies to dual dispensing pumps.  As maintenance was needed, one side of the system could be shut off and the other still continue to service the line.

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