Features and benefits:

  • 10" Industrial Grade Color Touchscreen
  • SSI Linear Transducer
  • 48 User Programmable Sets (8 Boards & 8 Cants for each of 3 Species)
  • 5 Log Saw Configuration Memory Buttons
  • 5 Cant / Board Stack Configuration Memory Buttons
  • High end features such as: cant & board stacks, log fill, & repeats
  • Accuracy of +/- 1/64” on most mills
  • Fractional & Decimal Display
  • Easy to learn & use
  • Automatic tuning with no need for coast adjustments
  • Over travel, dog limit & tapered cant protection
  • Dual Save & Recall for log position and stack
  • Easy to install on most existing circle, band, horizontal or vertical single sawmills
  • Same day shipment on replacement parts
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guaranty & 1 year warranty
  • Optional Linear Controller
  • Optional Add-On Vertical Edger Controls
  • Optional Add-On Slabber Head Controls
  • Optional Analog Proportional Valve Controls

Our latest addition to the Setworks Market is the T621.  The T621 Setworks has all the features of our other Setworks Systems along with several unique features of its own.  One noteworthy feature of the T621 is the implementation of the SSI Transducer (Probe).  The SSI Transducer, unlike all other probes on the market, is said to be completely immune to interference from 3-phase motors, AC wiring, and telecommunications devices. 

T621 Universal Setworks

Another new feature, perhaps the most noticeable, is the ability to track the face from which the sawyer is sawing.  This, along with our 5 User Programmable Log Saw Configurations (SM1-SM5), allows complete automation of the setworks process.   

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