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The T600 Series Setworks has the ability to track the saw faces.  This is done through an input from the Dogs Up/Down Pushbutton and based on the sawing method of the sawyer.  (Based on the face numbers in Figure 1 (above, right), some sawyers saw with the 1,2,3,4 procedure, while others saw with the 1,3,2,4 method.)  Once the face tracking has been established, our 5 User Programmable Log Saw Configurations (SM1-SM5) can completely automate the setworks process.   


The Saw Configuration Memory Buttons, SM1 - SM5, allow the sawyer to program 5 complete log cut-up groups.  Each group programmed into one of the SM's consists of a two dimensional cant (6" x 8") and the thickness of the boards that will be sawn down to the cant.  For example,

The sawyer can program SM1, Sides 1 & 3, with a 9" Cant and 4/4" Boards. 

Press the green "9" (Green Buttons are Cants)

Press "Fill"

Press the blue "1 1/8" (Blue Buttons are Boards)

Press "SM1"

Press "Sides 1 & 3"

Then, program SM1, Sides 2 & 4, with a 7" Cant and 6/4" Boards. 

Press the green "7"

Press "Fill"

Press the blue "1 5/8"

Press "SM1"

Press "Sides 2 & 4"

The SM1 Button is now programmed forever, or until someone changes it.  If your sawyer is only sawing 4/4" and 6/4" Boards and 7" x 9" Cants, he should touch the setworks only one time during the day...when he selects SM1.

Obviously, most sawyers must change between different board sizes for different types of logs.  That is the reason for SM2-SM5.  The 5 Log Saw Configurations can be programmed in a variety of ways, including the programming of a board-sized cant.  If you need the log sawn completely down into 2" Boards, program one of the SM's with an 8" Cant and 2" Boards in Sides 1 & 3 and a 2" Cant and 2" Boards in Sides 2 & 4.  If your sawing method is 1,3,2,4, sides 1 & 3 will yield 2" boards that need edged, and sides 2 & 4 will yield 2" x 8" boards.


Once the SM Buttons are programmed to suit the sawyer, the sawing process will be very easy.  The Saw Configuration Memory will work properly for any size log.  Simply, load the log as normal, check that the Log Face Indicator is on Face 1, Press the desired SM Button, and start sawing.  The Setworks will automatically select the programmed set distance, so when the Set Button on the joystick is pressed, the head-blocks will move the correct distance.  The Setworks will determine where to turn the log for a centered cant and will display a "Turn Log" Recommendation Screen at that point.  Grade sawing may require earlier turning.  The Setworks will track the faces, the cants, and the boards throughout the entire process.  Once the log has been completely sawn and the cant expelled, load a new log.  If the same cant and board combination is needed from the new log, no buttons will need pressing.  Just check the Log Face Indicator, and start sawing.