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​We are proud to announce the newest release to our setworks systems lineup. It's been designed specifically for Set Shaft Carriages. Whether you cut grade, cross ties, pallet stock, or other blocking, the G402 is designed with your needs in mind. This system was built upon the same reliable platform as our most popular G401 system, which has been in operation for over 15 years. It is simple to learn yet has sophisticated onboard diagnostics and data logging for troubleshooting, as well as production recording. Some of the added benefits to the G402 include a larger 9.7 inch touchscreen HMI that utilizes the same display and processor found in iPads. It's much faster and has a crystal clear image with a wide viewing angle.  

​We are now including Blade Deviation Monitoring. ​This feature has proven valuable for both Circle and Band applications. It will detect, record and alert the operator of saw alignment issues, with audio and visual alarms, before damaging an expensive saw and/or lumber. 

Set Shaft Carriage Setworks