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T​he G401 Universal Computerized Sawmill Setworks System has all of the features of our competitors' universal systems, as well as a few additional features of our own, at near half the price.  It is one of the most accurate & feature rich Universal Setworks Systems on the market today.

 Features and benefits:

  • Easy to learn & use
  • Accuracy of +/- 1/64” on most mills
  • High end features such as: cant & board stacks, log fill, repeats & more
  • Over travel, dog limit & tapered cant protection
  • Automatic tuning with no need for coast adjustments
  • Save & recall log positions
  • Easy to install on most existing circle, band, horizontal or vertical single sawmills
  • Same day shipment on replacement parts
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee & 1 year warranty
  • Optional Analog Proportional Valve Controls
  • Optional Add-On Vertical Edger Controls


    In the process of sawing logs a sawyer must determine where he must make the first cut on the log in order to come out with the desired final piece or "CANT". In most cases this require a great deal of mental calculation, and years of practice to be proficient. The inability to quickly calculate this starting point forces the sawyer to start sawing at the bark line and then forcing him to saw a useless shim off of the "cant" in the middle. Having to do this not only wastes the time it takes to make the extra cut, it also wastes wood. If the log had been slabbed heavier (the thickness of the shim) the first board could be edged wider yielding more usable lumber. The G401 can eliminate this common problem. By the simple press of a button the computer will tell the operator how many of the selected boards are in the log down to the desired size "cant", and can line the saw up with the first piece. This process can be done with many different sized "boards", "cants", and even mixed lumber sizes.

 All saw positioning systems have coast. Coast is the distance traveled after system has cut off or de-energized. Conventional sawmill setworks typically rely on a Cam/Limit Switch configuration (or a similar method) that move the saw or log in a certain distance but have no way to check or compensate for coast changes due to log weight, mechanical wear, fluid temperature, and other factors. The G401 has automatic coast adjustment that will detect and adjust for coast changes to the 100th of an inch eliminating the need for set adjustments and greatly improving the consistence of lumber thickness.

 A costly mistake often made, especially by new sawyers, is sawing into the "dogs" or log clamps. This almost always ruins the blade or band and generally takes much time to recover from. If the "dogs" are electrically operated the G401 can detect them and disable the set if it will put the saw beyond the "dogs out limit" that was entered during the machine setup. Another common mistake made is forgetting to turn off the log tapers and sawing a wedged shape "cant". If an electrical signal is connected to the the log tapers input on the G401 the computer will disable certain features while the log tapers are on, eliminating the production of wedged "cants".


 The G401 was designed to be easily installed on any single blade circle or band sawmill. It will work on conventional log carriages and on vertical and horizontal band saw carriages. Installation usually take less than a day, and can be performed by anyone with basic wiring skills. Some welding may be required to mount the sensor brackets. There is a detailed installation manual with instructions and diagrams to help make the installation as painless as possible.