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The C160 Setworks from Thomas Industrial Controls is the perfect answer for your Portable Bandmill or Circle Sawmill. If your mill does not have a setworks, the C160 can help you be more productive and produce more accurate lumber. The C160 is also a great replacement for Mechanical Limit Switch Setworks as it is more accurate and less costly to maintain.

Features and benefits:
• 6 User Programmable Sets
• Stacks and Fills
• Fractional & Decimal Position Display
• Kerf Compensation
• 4.3" TFT Touchscreen
• Jumpback (Fixed Distance and Variable Distance)
• Saw Position Display
• Easy to learn & use
• Automatic tuning with no need for coast adjustments
• Easy to install on most portable sawmills
• Same day shipment on replacement parts
• 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee & 1 year warranty